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Terengganu ~ Kenyir

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Located about 60km from Kuala Terengganu, it covers an area of 369

sq. km or 260,000ha. Once a tropical valley, it was flooded to create a hydroelectricity dam, thus creating within the lake numerous man-made islands of the once jutting hills and making it the largest man-made lake

in South East Asia. The hilly regions of Tasik Kenyir contain areas of untouched tropical rainforest estimated to be millions of years old.
The lake is unique for her beautiful scenario of tropical forest and its valuable flora and fauna species. It is believed that the area is the habitat of more than 8000 species of flowers, 2500 species of plants and trees, 8000 species of orchids,

370 species of birds and 300 species of fresh water fish.

Made up of 340 islands and 14 waterfalls and rapids, The Kenyir Lake provides

for total relaxation and enjoyment in a unique environment.

Kenyir Lake is a popular and ideal retreat for nature lovers, anglers and photographers, as well as cavers.

Other activities include swimming, canoeing, boating and jungle trekking. Accommodation such as houseboats, floating chalets and lakeside resorts

are also available to visitors.

Due to the cleanliness of the lake, the Kenyir Lake has a wide variety of fresh

water fish such as Toman (Snakehead), Baung (Catfish), Lampan Sungai (Scwanenfeldii’s Barb / Bardboides), Kelah (Malaysian Mahseer), Sebarau (Carp) etc…, so not surprisingly it has been dubbed as an 'Anglers Paradise'.


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Waterfalls & Caves

Lasir Waterfall, Tembat Waterfall

and Saok Waterfalls.

Bewah and Taat Caves

Hills & Islands

With about 340 islands which were once

hilltops and hilly regions of untouched virgin

tropical jungle.




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