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Festivals of Malaysia ~ Hungry Ghost Festival 



Hungry Ghosts


Ghost Festival


Celebrated on the 15th day of the 7th Lunar month. On this day it is

believed that the "Gates of Hell" are opened and that the dead return to

visit their living relatives.  The Chinese feel that they have to satisfy the imprisoned and hungry ghosts in order to get good fortune

and luck in their lives. 


Historically, families have offered sacrifices of  newly harvested grain to departed ancestors on this day, which also coincides with the Buddhist Ullambana, Deliverance, Festival and the Taoist Ghost Festival, called "Chung Yuan" in

Taoist terminology. Since each of these traditions in some way honors the spirits

of the departed, the seventh lunar month has come to be known as Ghost Month, celebrated as a time when the "Good Brethren", ghosts from the underworld,

come back to earth to feast on the victuals offered by the living. Over time the Ullambana Festival and Ghost Festival have melded together to become the

present day Chung Yuan Putu or "Mid-origin Passage to Universal Salvation." 

The festival is currently celebrated with ceremonies at homes, temples, associations, and guilds. Prayers are offered to the dead and offerings of food such as chicken, vegetables, fruits, bean curd and white rice are placed

at street corners and roadsides to appease the spirits.

This is believed to prevent the wandering spirits from

entering their homes and causing disturbances in

their households.

Wandering spirits

  Offerings are also made by burning replica money notes, which are also known

as ‘hell money’.  Some families also burn paper houses, cars and even paper television or radio sets to give to their dead relatives. The Chinese feel that these offerings reach the ghosts and help them live comfortably in their world.





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