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Pahang ~ Sungai Lembing

This sleepy little town is a place of peace and tranquility, especially if one can take a little time to enjoy the surrounding countryside. The sandy flats are ideal for fishing or bird watching. 


At one time, the world’s deepest lode tin mine operated there employing some 15,000 people. Today this once thriving community has dwindled to a couple of thousand, many of whom commute to Kuantan to work.


Sungai Lembing Museum


This refurbished former general managers bungalow has been reconstructed to give the appearance and atmosphere of a working tin mine, Not far up the valley past the museum is the mill, where huge were iron balls were lifted around revolving steel cages and used to crush the ore into powder for refining. This process is clearly shown in the museum. The old expatriate club, close to the museum serves simple but excellent meals and strong hot village coffee.

Past the club on the way to the mill is a small family run biscuit factory. The crisp, wafery coconut biscuits are quite famous throughout the eastern part of peninsula Malaysia. 


Old Mine

For the adventurous, there is the possibility of spending the night in a chalet at the top of Gunung Tapis. To get there, one has to make the three-hour journey along logging tracks by jeep and walk the last few kilometers. The reward is to spend time in the beauty of the primary forest and experience the peace for miles around

On the way there, at Panching, it is possible to catch a fantastic view of Bukit Cheras and visit this impressive limestone outcrop which contains caves and a resident Buddhist monk who silently watches over a 30-foot reclining Buddha.











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