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Pahang ~ Endau Rompin



Ancient tropical rainforest park boasting exotic species of tropical plants and animals is one of the last remaining lowland forests in Malaysia. It derives its name from the Rompin and Endau rivers which form the watershed on which the park relies. Located south of Pekan, the Endau – Rompin State Park is the newest nature reserve in Malaysia, yet being over one million years old, it covers over 80,000 hectares of virgin jungles straddling the States of Pahang and Johor.


The highest waterfall found here stands at the height of 50-60 metres, located at just a 10-15 minute drive from the main entrance. Being the oldest rainforest in Malaysia, Endau-Rompin a favourite spot amongst students of nature.

The Park also offers a spectrum of activities for the adventurous to enjoy and provides the opportunity to get back to nature and experience the mysterious secret of the wilderness.


Getting There

In order to enter Endau Rompin, one has to go into the turnoff marked with a FELDA SELENDANG signboard, which is a dirt track that meanders through palm oil plantations under the FELDA Development Scheme.

 Along the way to Endau Rompin State Park enjoy the view of an ex-tin mining pool just before a steep drive towards the security house. Permits are required before entering this Nature Reserve. Permits can be obtained at the District Office, which is just alongside the Police Department in Kuala Rompin before reaching the FELDA Selendang turn off from Lanjut Beach. Upon entering, trekkers will be guided by forest rangers to ensure safety at all times.




Kuala Rompin

Dubbed as “Bandar Udang Galah” or Giant Prawn Town, relatively unexplored Kuala Rompin  is a haven for king prawn fishing and adventure activities. From November to February, high numbers of giant river prawns or udang galah spawn move down river. Spawning begins when the dry spell hits after the monsoon floods. In the murky depths of the winding Rompin river lurk the “lam kong”, blue pincers in Hokkien, which can reach up to 30 cm in length and weigh half a kg each. A restaurant called Restoran Leban Condong in Kampung Leban Condong, just a minutes drive away from the town specialises in fresh and live, ready-to cook, giant prawns that are kept in water tanks. The price will not dent your pocket. On Sundays, the morning market with makeshift stalls along the street comes alive with local sights, sounds and smells.

Kuala Rompin is within the triangle of the most fascinating attractions in the State – Endau Rompin Park, Tioman Island and unspoiled Rompin beach that stretches from Endau to Nenasi in Peka. One can also explore the surrounding areas tucked in lush rainforests, with winding rivers and scenic riverbanks. Some of which are homes to millions of fireflies. In addition, there are Orang Asli settlements, fishing villages, agricultural plots with scenic padi fields, as well as, small islands that are within easy reach.



Getting There

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