The Malaysia Tourism Centre

The Malaysia Tourism Centre

The Malaysian Tourism Centre or MTC is located in one of Kuala Lumpur's historical and architectural landmarks. Built in 1935, it was originally the residence of Eu Tong Seng, a wealthy miner and planter. Through the decades the building has seen its roles changing from being the war office of the British Army, headquarters of the Japanese army during the Second World War, the venue for the first sitting of the Malaysian Parliament, and the installation ceremonies of several Malaysian kings, among others.

After some extension work, the first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman officially opened a new hall on 24th February 1958 and was named the Tunku Abdul Rahman Hall.

The building became the Malaysia Tourism Centre following extensive renovation work in 1988. As a one-stop visitor centre, MTC offers a wide range of services including providing travel planning to tourists, up-to-date information on the country, regular showcasing of Malaysian culture, a traditional top-spinning area and exhibition space.

Besides being a one-stop visitor centre, the MTC also provides rental of its facilities for arts and cultural performances.

For further information on this complex please call the Tourism Malaysia InfoLine 7-days a week (9.00 am to 6.00 pm)