Tasik Kenyir

It is the largest manmade lake in South East Asia, spanning an area over 260,000 hectares. It came into existence as a result of the construction of the Sultan Mahmud Hydro-Electric Power Plant, completed in 1985. Within this immense wonder there are at least 14 waterfalls and 340 islands, hundred of rivers some still waiting to be discovered. All of these came into existence naturally when the area was purposely flooded for the above project.

Situated in the inner reaches of Terengganu it is set in the heart of deep tropical rainforest which is estimated to be millions of years old. The southern part of this magnificent beauty lies within the famous Malaysia National Park. Tasik Kenyir is richly bestowed with an incredible assortment of flora and fauna , including rare ferns, exotic orchids, elephants and panthers ,birds of various species and of course it is well known for its numerous species of aquatic life.

What to do?

The spectacular lakes of Tasik Kenyir in the seclusion of a virgin tropical jungle forms a perfect setting for an exploration or adventure. Endowed with numerous types of flora and fauna and aquatic features , its vast boundaries provides endless opportunities to discover and adventure. There are an endless list of activities such as fishing, visit the waterfalls, go jungle trekking, track the elephants or panthers and watch and take pictures of the birds that dwells on the forests canopy or just relax and be part of the wondrous surrounding. After all, you are in the enchanted world of Kenyir, far removed from the cares of the mundane world.


In Tasik Kenyir. With a water catchment area of 38, 000 hectares, Tasik Kenyir is a haven for more than 300 species of freshwater fishes. For the avid anglers, species like the carnivorous Toman, Sebarau, Belida, Kelah and Lampam Sungai will certainly provide a good challenge. Take a boat and before you reach far into the middle of the lake your anticipation will rise the minute you see fishes splashing on the water surface. So bring along your rods and nets, and get ready to do some serious fishing. You can hire a speedboat and stay overnight at the lake. However, you are required to get an entry permit from the Wildlife Department if you want to fish in the National Park (Taman Negara). You can get one from the Tourist Information Centre in Pengkalan Gawi or at Kuala Berang office.

Jungle Trekking and Camping

These are activities most welcome for those who love the challenge of the wild forest and its inhabitants. Some of the highlands designated for trekking and camping here are Gunung Gagau, Gunung Bongsu and Gunung Padang. Follow only marked trails or engage an experienced guide who can lead you safely through this intricate maze.Your j ourney through the forest will uncover many secrets as it lets you encounter over hundreds of species of birds, insects, and a multitude of other tropical wildlife including monkeys, monitor lizards, otters and elephants.

LOOK -LISTEN and be SURPRISED…. the rainforest of Tasik Kenyir is alive.