Kinabalu Park

Mount Kinabalu or the summit of Borneo is located in the East Malaysian state of Sabah. Visible from anywhere on the west coast of Sabah, the mountain stands out like a beacon and seems to call out to the adventurous to come and visit her. Standing at a height of 4,095 metres, it is the highest point between the Himalayas and Irian Jaya, and also among the youngest non-volcanic mountains in the

Mabul and Kapalai Island

Located off Sabah’s south-west coast in the Celebes Sea and accessible through Semporna, the island of Mabul is a continuation of the Borneo land mass unlike the Sipadan atoll, its world renowned neighbour. The palm-tree covered island is noted for its micro fauna and some rarely-sighted marine species like octopus, turtles and scorpion fish. The shallow waters around the island ensure the

Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

The world's largest Orang Utan Rehabillitation Centre is located at Sepilok, a 20-minutes drive from the town of Sandakan. Here, one can observe first hand, these primeval apes (in their natural habitat) roam and play in non-captive breeding. Further south, in the Danum Valley Conservation area, a lowland tropical forest endowed with an abundance unique proboscis monkey in its natural habitat, a

Steam Train Ride : Tanjung Aru

Relieve the magic of the good old colonial days, complete with the staff of the North Borneo Company dressed in planter’s style uniforms with ubiquitous solar topee hats, serving food in the original age-old tiffin containers. This magic of the past has been enhanced by today’s luxurious brocade seats and piped-in music for added ambience. All the way from Tanjung Aru to Papar, you will marvel at

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park Lying just 3 to 8 km. of Kota Kinabalu is the beautiful Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) Marine Park,consisting of 5 idyllic islands : Gaya, Mamutik, Manukan, Sapi and Sulug. The Park was gazetted in 1974 and extended to its present size in 1979, so its clear blue waters and natural environment remain pristine. Its easy accessibility makes it a favourite amongst picnickers, divers and nature lovers.