Mabul and Kapalai Island

Located off Sabah’s south-west coast in the Celebes Sea and accessible through Semporna, the island of Mabul is a continuation of the Borneo land mass unlike the Sipadan atoll, its world renowned neighbour. The palm-tree covered island is noted for its micro fauna and some rarely-sighted marine species like octopus, turtles and scorpion fish. The shallow waters around the island ensure the absence of large predators and makes the area an easy dive. There are two fine resorts on Mabul: the 40-room Sipadan-Mabul Resort situated inland under palm trees (contact Sipadan-Mabul Regal Tours, Tel : 088-230 006 Fax: 088-242 003 for bookings) and the Sipadan Water Village consisting of 32 chalet units built in the sea (contact: Pan Borneo Tours & Travel Sdn. Bhd., Tel : 088-221 221 Fax :088-219233 for bookings).