Lake Chini, Kuantan

Located in the wilds, Lake Chini is approximately 100 kilometres from Kuantan. The lake with its fascinating myths, has attracted tourist from far and near. Legend has it that an ancient Khmer city one existed there and this has since resulted in several scientific expeditions being mounted by both local and foreign archaeologists. It is also popularly believed that a mythical monster lurks in its depths and guards the lake. Lake Chini has a number of wooden chalets and restaurants to cater for overnights visitors. There are also a number of camping spots if you plan to rough it out. Jungle gear and camping equipment are recommended. Access to the lake is by road to Kampung Belimbing, about 100 kilometres, south west of Kuantan and then on by boat through the winding Chini river. Alternatively, one can go by road via Segamat Highway through the new town of Chini, and then continue travelling for 15 minutes through palm oil estate roads to the lake.