Gunung Mulu National Park

The majestic Gunung Mulu, rising over a mass of sandstone and shale, 2,376 metres above sea level, dominates the Gunung Mulu National Park in the Miri and Limbang Divisions. The park covers 52,866 hectares of shale and sandstone, flanked by limestone outcrops with virgin tropical forests at the lower slopes giving way to montane vegetation in the upper regions.

It was gazetted as a National Park in 1974. The mix of natural habitats in all its diversity amidst such wild and rugged scenery makes it one of Sarawak’s most popular destinations.

Foremost among its attractions are the spectacular pinnacle rock formations tucked in the valley of Gunung Api and its cave complex which can only be described in superlatives. Despite its ruggedness, the park is easily accessible and there is a range of activities to keep everyone busy and happy.

Flora and Fauna

This area was miraculously unaffected by the last Ice Age which left it to continue with the evolution of its flora and fauna without any interruptions. This accounts for the extraordinary diversity of the plant life and wildlife to be found in its forests today. There are over 1,500 species of flowering plants,170 species of orchids; and, 10 species of pitcher plants.

There are 67 types of mammals roaming the forests; 262 species of birds, The latest addition to this group is the newly discovered Borneon frog with the beautiful name - &quotRana ingeri"! Also to be seen swinging nonchalantly from the branches are the small tree dwelling Bornean gibbons. All these plus 281 varieties of butterfly and hundreds of insects and fungi make up the inhabitants of the park.

The Pinnacles Of Gunung Api

Take up the challenge to view the pinnacles, located in a shallow valley 1,200 metres above sea level. The adventure begins with an exciting 2-hour boat trip over rapids. On days when the water level gets low, be prepared to help shove the boats over the rock strewn rapids. A 3-4 hour trek through virgin forests brings you to a park hut on the bank of the Melinau river where you stop for the night.

The next morning begins with a 4-hour climb, up 1000 metres via a steep path to a viewing point overlooking the pinnacles. The smooth razor edged pinnacles measure 20 metres wide at the base and 45 metres in height. Separated by deep fissures and low bushy mount-am forest, they present a spe,ctacular sight when viewed from above.

On The Trail Of The Headhunters

The trail once taken by the legendary warriors on their head-hunting spree in days long gone, goes through the lowland forests and down mighty fast flowing rivers. This is recommended for those with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and excitement. Follow the headhunters trail and live out your fantasies in the rugged terrain of the Sarawak wilderness.