Gunung Ledang

Gunung Ledang is commonly known among the locals for its mystical character and as a camping destination rather than a hill resort.Steeped in legends and folklore, the mountain holds aweinspiring experiences for many a visitor up the mountain.Tales of supernatural encounters and visions of the legendary mountain princess, Puteri Gunung Ledang, are not infrequent among believers of the ‘twilight zone’.Mysticism aside, the mountain is a natural beauty with its challenging mountain trails, icy waterfalls, cascades, diverse birdlife, flora and fauna.Straddling the Johor/Malacca border, Gunung Ledang is the highest mountain in the two southern states and can be accessed either via the Malacca or Johor route.

The mountain’s plateau-like summit peaks at 1 ,276m above sea level, and offers a panoramic view the Straits of Malacca and Sumatra coastline on a clear day. Gunung Ledang is ideally-suited for picnickers, nature lovers, birdwatchers, rock-climbers and jungle trekkers and those who seek nature raw splendour.


Activities on Gunung Ledang are adventure and nature-based. Depending on one's level of fitness, there are several options:

At the Foothills

For nature lovers and picnickers, activities revolve around the foothills where the Gunung Ledang Resort and a waterlall is situated.

Upper Levels

Another 10 minutes walk uphill along the steps will reveal the spectacular sight of the Puteri Falls (Princess Falls). Beyond this, right up to the summit are rapids, rock cliffs, caves, interesting flora and fauna, Birds are plentiful and one should bring along a pair of binoculars. The path uphill can be treacherous, especially during rains, when loose stones and slippery tracks make trekking arduous. Shoes with good grip soles are essential. For campers, there are several choices of campsites along the trail. Avoid camping too close to the rapids during rains, Sudden deluges can occur The summit can also be uncomfortably chilly, especially in the late evening and at night. Bring a jacket. Heavy mists, too, tend to rush and envelop the summit but clear off almost as suddenly. Be alert and do not stray from marked paths.

Other Activities

The Gunung Ledang Resort has a comprehensive activity centre which comprises rockface climbing, mountain biking obstacle course, 'flying fox', night trekking and team building programmes. Enquire at the resort for these activities. As a popular holiday destination among schoolchildren, Gunung Ledang meets the needs of every adventurous child. Its numerous outdoor activities allow children to appreciate nature and contribute to the development of positive individual qualities.

Eating Out

Inexpensive local meals is available at the canteen near the picnic grounds on the first level of the mountain. For ala carte menu, visit the resort's restaurant. There are also shops near the entrance I the resort which sell snacks and meals.