From the USA & Canada

For the moment there are no direct flights to Malaysia. The long haul – which traverses halfway round the world by the eastern or western routes have at least one stop over. The flights from Los Angeles are via Tokyo and Taipei, while from New York, via Dubai. The published fares (roundtrip) from Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur are presently US$3,040, while from New York, US$6,000. MAS offers connections to other destinations within Malaysia. The east eastern route takes about 21 hours, as the stopover cities are closer. The faster flights from the west coast fly right across the Pacific Ocean.

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) deploys the spacious B747-400s from its North American gateway, with six departures a week via Tokyo or Taipei. Just introduced is the airline’s service from the east coast through its gateway at Newark International Airport. This latest service is operated using the exclusive B777 SuperRanger™ series – the world’s most luxurious jetliner.

Bargain fares

You may have to pay premium fares during peak sons - around June to late August and early December to early January. For the rest of the months the price for a normal round-trip may drop by about US$200-300 or CDN$200-300 .To get the best deals during peak season, you are advised to book well in advance and also avoid making your trips during weekends. The lowest fares from the East Coast to Kuala Lumpur start from about US$850 non-peak and about US$1,100 peak. From the West Coast it ranges from US$800 and US$1000 respectively.

Although up-to-the-minute fares may be obtained from a reputable travel agent, you may also want to call up the airlines direct for better offers and seasonal promotions. As usual, these can be found advertised in the travel sections of newspapers.

From Canada

There are no direct flights from Canada to Malaysia, but onward connecting arrangements with other airlines exist. Fares from Vancouver starts from CDN$2,200 non-peak to CDN$2,400 peak. The corresponding fare from Toronto and Montreal are CDN$2,300 and CDN$2,600.