From Britain

There are frequent flights to Kuala Lumpur from London’s Heathrow Airport and Manchester Airport. Direct non-stop flights to West Malaysia from both airports take about 13 hours.

Look out for bargains

Most airlines offer return fares of around £500 (low season) for APEX tickets (a month validity and requiring booking and purchase at least seven days ahead), However, please understand that you may not get refunds if your travel plans are aborted on your own volition. On top of this you may have to pay a cancellation fee of about £100. Please be aware that there may be price hikes during the peak seasons (July, August and September). Flying from a regional airport in Britain may set you back by another £50 to £60. If you require connections to Heathrow or Manchester, the airline you’re booked on could make arrangements on your behalf.

Alternatively, you may want to try the PEX or SUPERPEX tickets, which require a minimum stay of seven days and three months maximum. You may get a refund for this option with the cancellation fee of about £50 These tickets may cost more, around £900 during low season.

Airlines sometimes offer great value promotional fares. Do check these out in the mainstream newspapers such as the Observer, Sunday Times, Evening Standard or even Time Out magazine. In Manchester you may want to check out the offers in magazines such as City Life.

Student and Promotional Fares

You can also avoid paying premium fares if you are a full-time student or under 26 years of age. Do consult the agencies specialising in student travels.

Indirect Flights

Although many carriers fly direct to Malaysia, you could also try indirect flights from the other European hubs, such as the one operated by KLM via Amsterdam. Besides costing a little less there may be atleast one stopover en route and the travel time may increase by about another eight hours.

Getting to Sabah & Sarawak

There are no direct flights from Britain to East Malaysia. However, you could fly direct to Brunei and take a connecting flight to Sabah or Sarawak. The estimated cost of travelling by this option may be around £550 off peak. You could also fly to Kuala Lumpur and make the two-hour connection on MAS for Kuching in Sarawak or Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. All in, from London you may have to add another four hours of flight time.