From Australia and New Zealand

Due to regional proximity there are more flights operating from Australia and New Zealand to Malaysia. Direct flights are numerous and frequent. As is normal, fares depend on the seasons with the peak from mid-May to August, December to mid-January, shoulder from March to mid-May and September to mid-October. Each airline has about the same fare from any east coast city. Australia’s Ansett and Qantas provide intra-country connections to the city having flights to Malaysia.

Airlines servicing the Malaysia-Australia/New Zealand routes include MAS, Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei, Garuda, Qantas and Ansett.


Normally, low season flights from Darwin and Perth are about A$100 to 200 cheaper. It is a little higher from New Zealand – around NZ$150-300 more from Christchurch or Wellington than Auckland. The normal non-peak fares from Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns or Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur are about A$900 return. One-way fares are about A$300-400 less.

From New Zealand

Many airlines including MAS, British Airways, Garuda, Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand operate the New Zealand-Kuala Lumpur route. The normal return fares are priced from as low as NZ$1,300 non-peak and one-way tickets costing about NZ$400-500 less.