Endau Rompin National Park

The 488 square kilometre park encompasses the watershed of the rivers Endau in Johor and Rompin in Pahang. Lush and relatively untouched, it is among the remaining lowland forests in the country. The park is of major conservation significance due to the diversity of habitats and species that are found within. Indeed, it is home to several rare and endangered species.

A scientific expedition during the mid-1980s had identified at least 25 news species of flora within the area, while its rocks and hills have been estimated to be at least 248 million years old. Today, the park is a haven for adventure seekers. Part of its attraction is intrinsically linked with numerous legends and myths.


Tigers, elephants and wildboar are some of the animals to be found here. The largest surviving population of Sumatran rhinoceros in Peninsular Malaysia is also found within the park. Others include the binturong or bear cat and the white handed gibbon, the only ape species in the region.

Irresistable Jungle Streams

Swim or take a refreshing bath in the clear cool rivers and streams amidst the tranquility and serenity of the forest. When you've had enough of frolicking in the water, try your luck at a spot of fishing and reel in your catch for lunch or dinner.

Orang Asli Village

Endau Rompin is also home to the Orang Asli of the Jakun tribe. Drop by at Kampung Peta near the park entry point and gain valuable insights on Orang Ash culture. Find out how they survive in the wilderness and protect themselves from danger with their hunting and tracking skills. See their recreational activities and listen to their mesmerising yarns about the myths of the surrounding jungle.

Bird Watchers Paradise

Bird watching can be another fascinating activity, If you have the patience and endurance to keep still in utter silence, for hours on end, the reward of seeing some beautiful varieties of birdlife can be a joyful experience.