Bujang Valley Archeological Museum

Kedah, by virture of research and historical findings, is the most ancient state in the country.The present Royal family can trace back its line to the Hindu times. Situated on one of the main transit routes across the Peninsular on the great East-West trade route, the state ha become a prosperous centre for settlement and trade in the old days.Some of the earliest known stone age artifacts and sites are located in Kedah and it is state which has remnants from the Hindu-Buddhist period in Malaysian History.This is reflected in the numerous temple sites in the Bujang Valley.It was a centre which attracted trades who traveled between China and India.The Bujang Valley was an ideal “resting destination” then while waiting for the monsoon to change.History has it that in 671 AD, a Buddhist monk from China, I.T.Tsing, stopped at Bujang Valley.Archeologists had unearthed evidence of Hindu civilisation at the location which is home to more than 50 Hindu temples.